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Exam Schedule in Turkey
Applications for to reach the OSYM exam dates in 2015
Exam Schedule Information
Tablets with the Android operating system, and you can use your smart phone, which will be held in 2015, is a very useful application, you can reach all exams exam schedule dates. All students should have a pocket of applications Exam Calendar app is completely free Android users presented case. You can examine the application seamlessly anywhere exam dates that you need by uploading your Android device. Exams can access the application by Date: - Gendarmerie Schools Command of the Gendarmerie NCO Basic Course Entrance Examination - higher Entrance Exam - Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (Spring) - Medical Specialization Education Entrance Examination - Doctor of Medicine in the Field of International Higher Level Examination for the Diploma Recognition - Public personnel Selection Exam - KPSS Group A and Teacher - Vertical Jump Test - Medical Specialization Education Entrance Examination - Undergraduate Placement Examination and much more ...