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Turkish Media Applications
An application can access applications published by the Turkish media
Media Applications Information
Media Applications with the Android operating system on your tablet and smartphone owners have been published by the press and media applications that can access all media. Offered completely free of charge and Media Applications Android users all television channels, newspapers, Tivibu, D-Smart Magazine, E-Smart-Blu, many applications such as in your pocket tvyo and radio channels. Application with Contact
Media Applications: - Channel D - Star TV - - King TV - ATV - Ahab is - Minika Go - Morning - Tivibu Mobile - Tivibu Mobile HD - Tivibu Home - Tivibu Magazine - E-Smart Magazine - E-Smart Blu - Show radio - radio Viva - Time - Radikal - Hurriyet Daily News - Nationality - Milliyet - Vatan - Vatan - Milliyet TV - stargazet Mobile - Celebrity News E-Newsletter - Kanalturk and much more ...